Welcome to CCG 4 Kids

These pages from the Christian Churches of God are designed to educate and entertain children.

This part of the CCG website highlights parts of the Bible and Christian teaching that are of particular interest and suitable for children.

Included in this section of the Christian Churches of God website are games, Bible Study Papers, religious knowledge quizzes, crossword puzzles and papers for church leaders in charge of children. There is also an Image Gallery with pictures for colouring in, learning, puppet patterns and more.

The games contained here are not generally religion based but are designed to help thinking and recognition. The ones that are specifically religious reflect the actual Bible texts.

The quizzes are Bible based and are sourced from either the King James Version, Revised Standard Version or other accepted translations based on the original texts.

The quizzes have been designed to promote a greater understanding of the Bible text in children of all denominations.

It is expected that parents will assist their children with their introduction to this part of the CCG website and that children will then be able to use the website on their own.




These pages may contain links to other websites and whilst every effort is made to ensure that these websites are safe for children the CCG can not be held responsible for these website links or any links contained within these external websites. The links contained here will only be to other religious websites (online Bibles etc..) or coding websites that have provided freeware code (games etc..)